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100% Plant Derived Minerals

Minerals can have significant
Health benefits
* Anti - Aging
* Less Join Pain
* Increased Energy
* Amazing Hair
* Improved Skin
* Stronger Nails
* Heart Health
   and many more ........

Role of Minerals in the body
* They are essential for Vitamins to be absorbed into our body
* Vital for Hair, Skin, Nail and Bone strength
* Help to eliminate food craving the main cause of obesity
* Helps to maintain PH balance within the body

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Mineral Deficiency and Disease
'' The root cause of all disease is directly
related to a lack of minerals'''
Dr Linus Pauling 2 times Nobel Prize winner.

''The Human body needs at least 60 trace
minerals in order to maintain a disease
and ailment free state.  Vitamins are basically
useless in the absence of minerals''
Dr Gary Price - Todd

'' We  should all be eating plant - based minerals''
Dr  Carolyn Dean MD. ND.
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