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Aura photography gives everyone the opportunity to see their own Aura. Our aim is to spread knowledge and understanding about the significance of the Aura and its importance to health and well-being in our daily life. We photograph and read the Aura using our Winaura system which allows you to see your Aura live on screen and then provides you with an Aura photo. The process is really simple as well as safe and the results are quite astounding. If you have any Aura related questions or if you would like to book Aura Photo session for yourself or for group or events.


Please book your time, call Sankar 07940784657

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Aura Photo

(book any day at your convenience)

2 versions available

1) Aura photo + 2 page report + Reading - cost £25

2) Aura photo + Chakra image + 19 full report (aprox)+ Reading - cost £50

Booking needed

Call 07940784657

please contact Sankar 07940784657

our Address

Health in the City

Room 57

65 London Wall, London, EC2M 5TU

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