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Special Offers

Acupressure Onsite seated Massage

FREE Migun Thermal Massage

Reiki session

Sara Pettigrew 

Master Reiki -

Aromatherapy Massage practitioner

Offers 10% discount  for first treatment




Special offer :

Sankar is offering Acupressure Onsite seated Massage 30 minutes for £20.

Please call to book in or Sankar 07940784657


Special offer :

Have a FREE Migun Thermal Massage in our treatment room

The first one is free! 

then £21 per massage 

duration 40 minutes.

This is an acupressure massage with heated jade stones, giving far infrared benefits, reaching acupressure points .

Very relaxing and rejuvenating!


Special offer

Reiki session

“Hi my name is Camellia, I am a Reiki Master and I'm so happy to have joined the Health In The City team

I am currently giving a 20% discount code for a Reiki session with myself for a limited period of time

Quote CAM20 when booking in

Reiki is high energy frequency healing

What is reiki good for? It helps put your body systems back into alignment which in turn supports your body’s natural ability to heal- it works over the entire body system. Reiki is great in helping the following: insomnia, headaches/migraine, pain related illnesses, supporting healing in injury rehabilitation, depression/low mood, sluggishness, grief, feeling stuck and stagnant, stress related conditions, soothing anxiety, it is also a good way in supporting those on fertility journeys and removing any energetic blocks”

Call for more info and booking  07702076167

instagram: ccami.lightw0rker

Special offer

Leah de Souza-Thomas BSc (Hons), MSc, MPH
Founder + Functional Health Consultant

Nutritionist |Holistic Health Practitioner | Health Coach

Website link - 

Unearth Your Wellness Potential with Leah at The Thrive Practice 

Feeling overwhelmed by persistent health issues and unsatisfactory answers? Dive deep into understanding your unique health journey with a Free Wellness Breakthrough Call Let's unravel those underlying concerns and illuminate a path to vibrant health. And if you're contemplating advanced functional lab tests but are unsure which aligns with your needs, book our Free Pre-Test Consultation Call  . Together, we'll determine the most insightful test tailored to your concerns. Reclaim your wellbeing; get clarity, direction and personalised advice to transform you health journey from surviving to thriving.

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