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Bol d​’air

Oxygen is central to our life processes

Bol d’air  Vital Oxygen for Your Health

Health in the City is proud to be able to provide innovative and unique treatment in the City of London with the cellular oxygenation technology from Bol d'air.

As we are living in pollution and smog, even stress levels can affect our capacity to take efficient oxygen into the body, the breathing session with the Bol d'air machine can help to improve the oxygenation within the body.

With a pure natural pine resin, it replicates the atmosphere of a Maritime Pine Forest.

Each session can be up to 6 min long, but 1 min is already equivalent to be 4 hours in a Pine Forest.

It enhances the mitochondria capacity, it's great for general wellbeing, pine works antiviral and is antibacterial and very beneficial for allergies.

There is no direct touch involved and you are having the session in our quiet treatment room.

We are able to host events with our Bol d'air breathing device or rent it out for more intensive treatments and approaches. Just get in touch with us through or call Cheli on 07789567612

For a free taster session please call or email.

For more information please go to the website

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