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Energy Healing using TimeWaver technology

Kevin Whitcher


A life on the hamster wheel working in publishing culminated in my requiring major heart surgery in 2009. After taking pharmaceutical drugs for a number of years to stabilize my condition, circumstances led me to an enlightenment about the way my body works, and the significance of my mind in my physical health. My research led me to stop relying on habitually taking drugs, and a decision to work in the alternative therapy field to assist others. I discovered the wonderful machines of the German TimeWaver organization in 2015, and have been working with them ever since, effecting positive change in any areas of life my clients wish to address. I hope that you are able to benefit too.

What is TimeWaver

The main TimeWaver machine I use is the TimeWaver Med. As a therapist, I use this tool to get faster results in effecting change in the energy of a client. The Med, when analyzing a client, will identify the areas that need shifting to achieve the desired result. These can be karmic or ancestral in some cases. Through the information field by which we are all connected, the Med sends balancing informational patterns to the client, addressing the background issues that are responsible for the identified issue and bringing the client back into an optimized state. I can also use the TimeWaver Frequency for clients who wish to address a physical issue by bringing the relevant cells back to their optimum, which involves sending frequencies to the client through hand-held electrodes, ear clips or adhesive pads attached to the client in the vicinity of an area causing pain. Automations for Frequency can be transferred onto either a TimeWaver Home device or a TimeWaver Healy which clients can take away to continue treatments at home, should they be interested.


The benefit of TimeWaver is that it assists a therapist in identifying the issues that are responsible for an undesired situation that a client wishes to address, and in a way that is beyond the reach of both an orthodox medical approach and many holistic alternatives. Additionally, TimeWaver aims to effect lasting change, that means clients do not need to make repeated appointments once their issues have been addressed. 

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